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Learn Essential Far Infrared Technology Health Benefits

Are you looking for new and effective ways to treat pain and live a healthy lifestyle?

Technology and innovation in the medical field has had multiple advances in the past years, creating sophisticated treatments and effective procedures.

One of the current technologies that have been proven to be effective is Far Infrared (FIR) therapy. This is a technique based on the warm energy (Far Infrared) in humans, animal’s plants, and also emitted from sunlight. This therapy is meant to increase the intensity of our auric field to maintain a stable and healthy body. It has been shown to be a very successful healing procedure. The Following are some of the main benefits associated with this practice that you can’t afford to miss!

1. FIR improves blood circulation

This therapy is associated with the rising of the body temperatures and thus expanding the body blood capillaries. This will stimulate an increase blood flow; circulation and oxygenation, helping the body become more active. Also since more blood will be circulating at a faster rate, the body will also discharge its waste by-products quicker. This will also improve and cure some breathing problems.

2. Excellent detoxification

When the blood capillaries have been expanded, and blood starts to flow normally, all the hidden toxins will be eliminated. Far Infrared promotes the elimination of chemicals, fats and other toxins in the blood. It also reduces fatty acids and subcutaneous fat, associated with fatigue and aging, keeping you fresh and young. The procedure will also play a significant role in eliminating excess sodium, known to cause hypertension and uric acid which causes pain in the body.

3. FIR stimulates enzyme activity

The photons emitted by Far Infrared have scientifically been proven to activate body enzymes. Enzymes play a very crucial role in stimulating the macrophage activities that increases the elimination of diseased and damaged body tissue. There are many enzymes like the Nitric Oxide, which is essential to the body when stimulated.

4. Boosts metabolism

If you just spend one hour in the Hothouse dome, your body metabolism will be high improved. The health benefits that come with high metabolism in the body are many. One main thing that will happen is that the quantity of fat in the body will gradually decrease. This simply means that Far Infrared can be used in weight loss programs. Also, high metabolism rate will also improve your body detoxification process.

5. Promotes the rebuilding of injured tissue

Far Infrared therapy usually has a positive effect on cells or fibroblasts which repairs damaged tissue. FIR increases the growth of cells and DNA synthesis that is a critical part of tissue repair and regeneration. It is also excellent for scar tissue, healing burns and many skin problems such as acne. To improve scaring and get rid of acne its also good idea to take silica supplements.

Silica is a mineral that is directly connected with the production of collagen and new tissue. Using the right skin products can also help in having smooth and flawless skin. When choosing the right skin treatment make sure to look at a brand known for creating quality products using well-researched and sourced essential oil ingredients such as DoTerra.

The use of Far Infrared Energy has proven to be so effective to manage pain and muscle soreness, that health advocates have designed special pain patches that can directly transmit FIR energy into specific areas of the body.

There are multiple brands you can choose from an example of this kind of patches are FG Xpress Powerstrips, a FIR adhesive designed to ease pain and discomfort.

6. Improved immunity

The body immunity depends on the number of white blood cells in its system. Far Infrared treatment has scientifically been proven to increased the production of leukocytes, thus improving the body immunity. It is also important to note that this form of healing is very effective in helping kill cancer cells.

These are only a few of the main benefits that you can get from Far Infrared sauna therapy, a very safe procedure that can almost guarantee quality healing.